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Haila Dispute Form

Members and Friends be advised of a legal filing as headlined below: Haila Family
Farms LLC and Stagecoach Stables LLC – Plaintiffs, Vs Ames Chapter of Izaak Walton
League of American – Defendant.
For the first time since its inception in 1949, the Ames Chapter of the Izaak Walton
League is under the threat of a lawsuit by Haila Family Farms to stop our shooting
activities not only of shotguns but essentially every program we support here is in danger.
This is not just an attack on our organization; it's an attack on the education and safety of
our young hunters and every other program we have here as well as our way of life.
Since 1949, we've been an active part of the Ames community, hosting outdoor events,
offering clinics and educational opportunities regarding conservation, fishing, Hunters
Education, Bow Hunter Education classes, and also providing sponsorship and meeting
facilities for local Boy Scout Troop 230 and many others. Family celebrations are often
conducted here as well as fraternal organization meetings.
The Ames chapter takes part in conservation projects originating at the local, state and
national levels, as well as advocacy in conservation matters.
Thousands upon thousands of young people have experienced all that IKES has to offer,
in a safe and nurturing environment for those interested in outdoor activities, shotgun
shooting for families, members and teams is an important part of what we do here,
something that has occurred since at least 1950 in an advertised first opening to the
public, until present day. Shotgun sports, as a result of target fees and hundreds if not
thousands of hours of volunteer work is one of out two main revenue sources. Shutting
down shotgun sports as we know it today endangers every single Isaac Walton League
We have recently come under attack, in the form of this lawsuit, from the Haila family,
owners of Haila Family Farms, demanding us to cease and desist shooting or pay 1.5
million dollars for the use of disputed land, about 10 acres of mixed bottom and sandy
soil that is likely worth about $30,000. We also have a claim on this disputed land as we
have used it for going on 74 years without dispute.
It has been stated that noise and the shot fall pose a nuisance to the Haila Family Farms
who has stated the desire to build off the grid housing on their property, zoned
agricultural. The lawsuit threatening us could have far-reaching consequences to the
community, as firearm safety and recreational uses are often maligned by those that do
not honor the freedoms safeguard in the Constitution of the United States. Without proper
education provided by organizations like ours, we risk seeing increased accidents due to
unsafe hunting practices. In fact, states without comprehensive hunter education
programs report higher rates of hunting-related accidents (source: International Hunter
Education Association).
We cannot let this happen. For the sake of our community's safety and preservation of
local as well as family traditions, we must fight against this lawsuit. Please sign this
petition to show your support for our cause and help us continue providing essential
programs to the thousands of people who use our facility and the 37 organizations we see
each year.

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