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Re-qualification - Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons

January 23, 2016, 9:30 AM (US Central)

Darin VanRyswyk ( )
Indoor Range


Applicants may elect to shoot the qualification course up to three times in order to reach a passing score of 70% (21/30).  Students must bring a strong side belt holster, defensive pistol or revolver, 2 magazines or speed loaders, at least 50 rounds of commercial practice ammunition, and eye & ear protection.  Many students bring 100 rounds in case they want/need to reshoot the course.  Each score is recorded. Upon successful completion each applicant will receive a requalification certificate that can be used to demonstrate training to their county sheriff.  The cost of the re-qualification is $25, which is due at the start of the session by cash or check.  

Applicants must know how to safely handle their firearm and follow all rules for safe gun handling at all times.  Any violations of safe handling are grounds for immediate removal from the re-qualification session - NO Exceptions.

The qualification course of fire is a 30 round course and involves shooting 10 rounds each at 3 yds, 7 yds, and 15 yds.  

For additional information or to register please contact Darin - / 5l5-23l-3887





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