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Principles of Armed Self-Defense

June 22, 2016, 6:00 PM (US Central)

CWR Firearms Training ( )
This 3-hr seminar is truly the "next step" for those citizens who've completed a defensive handgun shooting class or those considering a handgun for self-defense.  Whether you carry a weapon or not, this course will help you develop a holistic understanding of defensive stance and our 4-part system for responding to and prevailing through a self-defense encounter. While this seminar is primarily designed around using a firearm it is meant to establish a strong foundation upon which any tool for self defense can be inserted. 

Topics of instruction will include:

  • Principles of a Defensive Stance
  • Efficiency in Movement
  • Creating Distance & Using Angles to Gain a Strategic Advantage
  • Weapon Retention & Weapon Accessibility

Online registration is available here:

Class is limited to 8 students - cost of the class is $50. 

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