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NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course

November 1, 2018, 7:00 AM (US Central)

Darin VanRyswyk ( )
Chapterhouse and Indoor Range

For those citizens who desire the opportunity to serve their community as a certified pistol instructor, the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course is an excellent opportunity to develop the instructional knowledge, skills, and attitude to provide this essential service to law-abiding citizens.  

Instructor candidates learn to teach new students the following topics:

  • Nomenclature of handguns & ammunition
  • Rules for safe gun handling,
  • Principles of Marksmanship
  • Live-fire training
  • How to select & maintain a handgun
  • Continued Opportunities for Skill Development
  • Plus we cover additional material related to offering permit to carry classes in Iowa

Class will run from 9am-5pm on Nov 1 & 2, 2018. Students will complete the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Training, as required by the NRA. All course materials are included in the course fee. Cost of the course is $350. This course includes Basic Instructor Training (required for New Instructor Candidates). Students are responsible for NRA certification fees (~$30) paid to the NRA for certification and processing as a pistol instructor.  Students must have completed the Instructor Led NRA Basic PIstol Shooting course prior to taking this course.

The course is limited to 12 students. 

For additional information about the course, or my qualifications as an instructor and training counselor please email or call Darin VanRyswyk - / 515-231-3887 or visit our website at


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