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Indoor Range Public Hours

December 3, 2020, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Range may close early if no attendance after 30 minutes
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Indoor Range - Chapterhouse

Indoor Range Rules

  • Nightly Range Fees - Members $5 / Non-members $8
  • Punch Cards – 10-night punch cards are $35
  • Range Etiquette - if people are waiting for a shooting lane, please limit your use to 50 rounds before surrendering your lane, then wait for a lane to open. Safety Briefing – Before using the range you must read and agree to the published safety briefing.
  • Violation of any safety rule is grounds for removal from range / suspension / revocation of range use.
  • Handguns Rounds Only – No Magnum loads
  • Eye & Ear Protection Required
  • No Simulated Full-Auto Fire
  • Police Your Brass & Shooting Area
  • Know & Obey ALL Range Rules
  • Live Fire is permitted only on a Green Light with a Range Safety Officer Present
  • Handling of firearms is allowed only at the firing point – Firearms must be cased or use Empty Chamber Indicator
  • On call of “Cease Fire” stop shooting immediately
  • Each shooting bay is limited to a maximum of two people, with only one person shooting at a time.
  • During the Pandemic - Masks are required when off the firing line. When a person is firing, they may lower / remove the mask to avoid the risk of glasses fogging. With fresh air flowing through the range, this limits the risk of covid spread.
  • Following the use of a shooting bay and prior to another person using the bay, the RSO will disinfect the bay and pulley handle. Binder clips will be placed in a solution of disinfectant and removed to dry.
  • After closing the range, the RSO will disinfect the table, any used chairs, light switches and doorknobs.
  • Pistol ammunition available for sale on the range will be $25/box, with a one box purchase limit per night. Price and availability are subject to change.
  • For the 2020-2021 season, the range will be limited to 3 shooting bays during public hours. Lanes 1 and 4 will be closed during public hours. With a maximum of 7 people allowed in the range during open hours.  Those waiting for a lane will need to wait in the chapterhouse outside the indoor range. 
  • In the event of a person waiting for a shooting lane, the RSO will limit a person's time on a lane to 30 minutes to allow the next person an opportunity.
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