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AR-15 Familiarization Course

June 28, 2016, 5:30 PM (US Central)


This 4-hour classroom only, non-firing class is designed to give students the basic knowledge and skills to safely operate the AR15 style rifle in a defensive capacity and maintain the platform to optimize reliability, without the current costs & challenges associated without acquiring ammunition.  This course was designed for owners of AR-15 style rifles who have never received formal training on this modern sporting rifle platform.

Course Goals:


By the end of this course each student should be able to:

  • State the 4 rules of gun safety
  • Identify each of the major components of the AR15 and how each functions
  • Fieldstrip the rifle
  • Perform cleaning and basic maintenance
  • Manipulate the fire controls to include the charging handle, safety selector, trigger, etc.
  • Cycle of Operation
  • Safely load and unload the rifle
  • Apply the 7 principles of marksmanship to the AR15 platform
  • Identify common malfunction and perform the S.P.O.R.T. clearance


Cost of the class is $60 with pre-registration. Course is limited to 8 students.  Online registration is available here: 


For additional information please visit


For details please contact Nate - / 5l5-669-O256





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