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10 Minute Medicine Training Course

August 30, 2016, 5:00 PM (US Central)

CWR Firearms Training ( )

CWR is pleased to offer a lifesaving course.  Ten Minute Medicine is an absolute must for anyone serious about their own safety and the safety of loved ones.  The first time you use this medical gear should not be when it counts; get trained on proper equipment and its application.  This course will prepare you to deploy lifesaving measures for yourself and others.
By the end of the Ten Minute Medicine course, students will:

•    Recognize the causes of preventable death and be able to treat victims of penetrating trauma.
•    Learn basic human anatomy and the signs and symptoms of shock.
•    Discuss emergency stress reduction techniques, expectations, and communication with 911 dispatchers in the event of an emergency.
•    Learn about the Iowa Trauma System, local community capability and resources in regards to trauma victims.
•    Understand wound ballistics on the human body from various weapon types.
•    Have hands on training with and demonstrate the use of tourniquets, chest seals, bandages, hemostatic agents, and airway management techniques.
•    Learn various emergency lifts and carry techniques. 
•    Participate in realistic scenarios, testing the ability to rapidly assess victims for life-threatening injuries, and the application of first aid devices in a high stress environment. 
•    Discuss the newest first aid kits and equipment available to the public.

Cost of the course is $60 per student.  Space is limited to 8 students.
Online registration is available here:

For additional information about this course, please email Nate at

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