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Shelter House

The Ikes has a shelter house available for members and group activies out at the campground area.


Rules for its Use:

Due to the increased usage and requests to rent the campground shelter, the following guidelines have been adopted by the Ames IKES Board of Directors:

Shelter house guidelines:
1.    The shelter house is available for use by all Ames IKES members.
2.    Usage will be based upon a first-come, first-served basis.
3.    If the shelter is not occupied, it is considered to be available.
4.    “Squatting” is not allowed.  If you are not in the facility, you cannot place items in it to hold it.
5.    If the shelter is in use, the nearby ground grill is automatically held for their use. 
6.    Under most circumstances, events should not exceed a couple of hours so that other members may enjoy the use of the facility.
7.    Above all else, common courtesy is expected by all members.  If it’s evident that others are waiting to use the facility, please keep your time in the shelter to a minimum.

1.    The shelter may be rented at the rate of $6.50/hr. (2 hour min) and must be paid in advance. 
2.    IKES sponsored youth groups may reserve the shelter at no charge.
3.    Non-IKES sponsored youth groups may reserve the shelter at the reduced rate of $4.00/hr.
4.    When the rental fee is received, a notice will be posted with the renter’s name & phone number.  The date and time will be posted and the notice will be signed by the campground chairperson.
5.    To reserve the shelter, please submit a request on the Ames IKES website.

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