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Outdoor Range Rules

This is a section of the general rules cover the usage of the outdoor ranges, these rules must be followed by all users of the outdoor range at all times the range is in use.


All general park rules will be observed and the following special rules will be observed at the outdoor rifle and handgun range.

  1. Only members may use the range except during club-sponsored events. A member may bring a guest up to 2 times per year.
  2. Shooters must display their current membership card upon request.
  3. Shoot only at targets placed on the target stands or properly attached to the target frames (see on back), or placed at the base of the berms.
  4. The outdoor range committee has deemed the following items as inappropriate for use as targets: rocks, concrete blocks, glass objects, bricks, golf balls, computer parts, compressed gas cylinders, CD’s, or any item the range committee may determine to be unsafe or inappropriate.
  5. Non-paper targets (cans, plastic containers, clay birds, etc.) must be placed on the target stands or at the base of the berms – not on the target frame.
  6. Shooters will not use any binary or any other type of explosive target.
  7. Shooters will not use any type of cannon, rifle attached launcher, golf ball launcher, or any other device or item that will act as a form of mortar.
  8. Shooters will retrieve and dispose of ALL used targets in the provided garbage dumpster.
  9. No firing of shotguns with shot loads (slugs are permitted) at the frames on the rifle or pistol ranges. Shotgun hunting loads maybe patterned on the frame between the rifle and pistol range it is posted as such.
  10. No tracer ammunition is permitted.
  11. No fully automatic or simulated automatic fire allowed, except during club sponsored events.
  12. Only .22 rimfire guns may be fired at the 40M, 60M, 77M, & 100M silhouette berms, except during club sponsored events.
  13. Minors must be under the supervision of an adult.
  14. Safe gun handling rules and etiquette must be observed.
  15. Shooters are expected to enforce these rules by asking violators to discontinue shooting and reporting the violations to the Board of Directors.
  16. Anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed to use the Outdoor Range without proper adult supervision and guidance.  
  17. Shooters that do not observe and follow these rules may lose their range privileges by action of the Board of Directors.  


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