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Chapter Rules

PARK RULES (Approved June 12, 2007)
Facilities are for the use of members, their families and guests. Guests are not expected to be continuous users of the facilities and are encouraged to become members. (Note that Rule 10(a) excludes guests from fishing.) The following rules must be observed:
The gate is operated by Ikes issued member key fob.  There is also a numeric key pad entry pad for special events and emergency personnel access.  The gate will close automatically after entry/exit and open automatically as you approach to leave the park. For special events, the gate will be left open (ie. Field Days) and returned to normal operation by those responsible at the end of the event.  Remember that you’ve paid for the privilege, do not loan/give your key fob to anyone else for access to the park.
1. Keep the grounds and facilities clean. Remove all trash and garbage and place in dumpsters or other containers provided.
2. Do not burn garbage in fireplaces or barrels.
3. Do not throw garbage in toilets.
4. Replace picnic tables where you found them.
5. Fires are permitted only in personal grills, or the fireplaces and fire rings provided. Fires must be extinguished when the campsite or picnic area is vacated. Extreme caution is to be used during dry weather.
6. Do not pick or damage flowers, trees, or shrubs.
7. Swimming is strictly prohibited.
8. Boating regulations, in addition to those prescribed by state law, include:
(a) All motors are prohibited.
(b) Boats must be removed from park after use.
9. No hunting (except Ikes coordinated special bow hunts). Use of firearms is limited to the various ranges where all of the range rules must be strictly observed.
10. Fishing regulations, in addition to those prescribed by state law, include:
(a) Fishing privileges are limited to members and their families.
(b) Use of minnows for bait is prohibited; placing of fish, chemicals, trash or foreign matter in or near the lake is prohibited.
(c) No more than one pole or rod, line and lure or baited hook may be used by any person.
11. No dogs are allowed in the park, unless on a leash. Except that handlers of hunting dogs may use the park facilities for training purposes in accordance with state regulations. During such training periods a leash will not be required; however, the handler is expected to keep the dog under control so as not to interfere with other park users or wildlife. In an effort to protect nesting areas, all training will be limited to the area south and west of the trap and skeet range road and north of the lake, and in the north bay of the lake. All training will be prohibited for the period March 1 through July 1.
12. No alcoholic beverages or intoxicated persons are allowed in the park.
13. All motorized vehicles will be driven only on the park roads and approved parking areas.
14. Violation of the foregoing regulations will be grounds for suspension of all recreational privileges in the park.
15. Rules may be modified at any time at the discretion of the board of directors without notice.
Every reasonable precaution has been taken to provide for your safety and enjoyment. The Ames chapter assumes no responsibility for accidents, damage or loss of property.


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