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Trap & Skeet Range Rules

  1. All guns are to be unloaded and kept in the gun racks where provided with actions open until the shooter is ready to enter the shooting station.
  2. Guns are to be unloaded before the shooter leaves the shooting station.
  3. Guns will be unloaded on command from the scorekeeper or safety officer.
  4. Hearing and eye protection is required for shooters and observers.
  5. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to use the Trap and Skeet Range without proper adult supervision and guidance.  
  6. Decisions of the management in regards to scoring, competitive rules and any other disputes are final.
  7. Shooters assume the responsibility for their own equipment.
  8. Shooters are to retrieve their empty shell cases.
  9. Shooters should report any unsafe shooting conditions or unsafe gun handling immediately to the management.
  10. Sponsors of tournaments and events may determine specific rules for their events.
  11. Regular use Shot Shell limits are as follows:
    • Lead shot size no larger than 7 ½, or steel shot size larger than 6


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