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Hunter's Education

When is the next Hunter's Ed course?

We will post that info on our Calendar as soon as we are aware of a new date.  Story County Conservation (515-232-2516 or conservation@storycounty.com) co-ordinates the scheduling of classes, we here at the Ikes facilitate the event.

Indoor Range

I'd like to use you indoor range...what are the hours?

The indoor range operates seasonally. Please check the Indoor Range Page and/or our Calendar for events and times.


How do I join?

Click here for more information...it's easy.

It is half way through the year...do I need to pay full price for a membership?

Half year memberships are no longer available as of June 2012.  Click here for more information regarding membership.

If you were a member in 2011 you are not considered a NEW member regardless of when you renew in 2012. You would owe the full amount of membership for 2012.

I'd like to visit the Ikes before I join...can I just stop by? Or can I just stop by and pay someone so I can join?

We are not a full-time staffed organization.  Our membership committee as well as the entire park operation is 100% volunteer.  We try as best we can to accommodate site visits and membership needs, but be patient.  Membership can initiated here on our website, Click here.

I sent in my membership application and a check when can I expect to see my membership card?

The expected turn around time to process an application can be up to three weeks via USPS.  Our organization is comprised of a 100% volunteer workforce.  As such our Membership Directors process these applications as quickly as they can.  Any questions can be sent to them, just click here.

I submitted my new membership in October but haven't received my permanent membership yet...when will I get it?

What we are doing is offering the rest of the year free for NEW members in October.  We allow access to the park during this time, but submit your application for the next year in January, you will receive your permanent membership at that time.  Membership questions can be contacted by clicking here.

I am currently a member with a different Ikes chapter, can I transfer from one chapter to another?

Each chapter operates independently from one another.  If you are a current member at another chapter your State and National dues are recognized, simply paying the chapter dues with the new chapter you would like to join is all that would be needed, simply provide proof of your current membership.  A transfer of funds between your old chapter and another chapter is not possible.  Any questions can be directed to our Membership Directors, just click here.


I want an electronic copy of the newsletter...how can I go about getting that instead of the printed copy?

We now have electronic distribution of the Ames Ikes News.  Go to the Membership Update Form or also to the Newsletter page and use the button to subscribe or unsubscribe to our electronic edition of the Ames Ikes News. If you wish to change your preference to a hard copy through the mail you will need to make that change on the Membership Update Form.

Outdoor Range

Can anyone participate in the Steel Matches?

Yes, non-members are welcome at the Steel Match on Wednesday evenings.

Park Usage / Policies

What is your alcohol policy?

We are an alcohol free facility.  See our posted on the Rules & Regulations Page for all of our Parks Rules and Policies in pdf form.

Trap & Skeet

When and how can I use the Trap & Skeet Range?

If you are a member of the Ikes, you can shoot in the Sunday league which runs year round, weather permitting, (1PM-3PM). You must use punch cards ($30 per 10 punches)

Ikes members, ISU club members, and the public can shoot on Wednesday nights, 6PM to 9PM. Ikes and ISU member costs are $3, and Public is $6.  Wednesday night runs April through the end of October.

If you have your own thrower and your own clays, members are always welcome to use the range at your convenience.  Please be sure to pick up after yourself, hulls, boxes, etc.

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